Saturday, March 23, 2013

Runaway Bunny

One of our favorite books to snuggle up ad read with little ones is Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown. A little bunny dreams of running away to be something else and his mother follows.

For Bean's lunch, I used this scene from the book for inspiration:

When Little Bunny says he will run away and become a flower in a garden bed, and Mama Bunny says she will follow and become a gardener.

Easter Italian pasta salad is the main dish, made with Easter themed organic pasta (eggs and chicks and bunny shapes in three colors), mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, marinated garlic, and Italian salad dressing. Mama Bunny in a sun hat sits up in the corner with some chocolate chips (bunny droppings *heh*), while Little Bunny runs across a flower garden. Bean also has crackers and a granola bar tucked in for snack.

Little Bunny's flower garden is made of apples and blueberries with sweet flower picks. The little dish holds Sunburts, candy coated sunflower seeds.

These Annie's Organic crackers and pretzels have always reminded me of the bunny from Runaway Bunny

More bunny themed lunches from this week:

For Princess, a little bunny with turkey-spinach wrap rolls, watermelon balls, and apple slices. The little baggie above holds Annie's Organic pretzel bunnies and a few Pocky sticks.

For Bean, similar foods tucked into a different dish, with little Easter Bunny picks.

A double lunch from a day when I was in a rush:

Yogurt with sprinkles, watermelon and blueberries, Annie's Organic pretzel and graham bunnies, leftover grilled chicken, and animal cookies.

These lunches are unusually cracker-snack heavy, for a reason which I will address in a later post. I generally don't feed the kids that many crackers and cookies in one meal.

Have a great Spring weekend!

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