Saturday, March 9, 2013

Peace and Butterflies

This week was totally a Spring weather week. A day or two of constant pouring rain, and several days of bright lovely sunshine. Today was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for playing outside and getting stuff done!

Bean is a little bit obsessed with peace signs. So when some of my bento-blogger friends mentioned peace sign shaped pretzels at Whole Foods, I HAD to find them. SO cool. Bean was very much impressed. I made her a peace sign sandwich to go with her cool new pretzels.

She has a berry mix of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, honey mustard flavored Laurel Hill peace sign shaped pretzel chips with Laughing Cow cheese, a turkey and mustard sandwich on multigrain bread, carrots, and a couple of shortbread raspberry cookies.

To make the peace sign sandwich, I cut the bread, turkey, and cheese into a basic circle shape. Then I used an etching knife (like an Exacto) to cut out the shape into the top slice of bread. I filled the 'windows' with a bit of mustard to make it pop.

Super cute, right? And tasty, too! Especially with a little bit of the Laughing Cow cheese spread on top.

For Princess I packed sweet butterflies.

She has a raspberry mini strudel bar with a berry butterfly, a multigrain turkey butterfly sandwich, and baby carrots and hummus with butterfly shaped Pepperidge Farm crackers.

Berry butterfly made with blackberries for the main body and strawberry halves for the wings.

She loved these crackers. She said they were delicious AND super cute.

I packed an actual lunch for myself, too! Usually I tend to neglect my own feeding, grabbing whatever is handy as I run from one thing to the next, but for once I put together a little lunch for me.

Yogurt berry parfait, with berry granola, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries.

The yogurt and granola did escape their silicone cups a little, but that was fine since I had planned to mix it all together anyway. It was delicious, a perfect light lunch for a bright sunny day!

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