Friday, March 8, 2013

The Pandorica Opens

To say that we are a house of Doctor Who fans would be a major understatement. My family of Whovians are waiting impatiently for the show to return March 30th with brand new episodes. The younger kids are still catching up to current (they just finished one of my favorite episodes, Vincent and the Doctor, a few days ago), but the biggest kid has seen them all and quite a few of the older episodes as well. He has been sick for the last few days and has spent most of the week curled up in a recliner in the living room with a comfy blanket and a Doctor Who marathon. He finally felt well enough to go back to school today and asked me to pack a lunch for him.

I thought a Whovian lunch, packed in his fantastic TARDIS lunch box (a Christmas gift to Brick from a wonderful friend of mine <3 ), would be a nice surprise...

The last episodes he watched while huddled up with hot tea were The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. The Sistema Cube made a great Pandorica, doncha think?

I made him a turkey and havarti croissant sandwich, with green grapes, multigrain tortilla chips, hummus, carrots, and a mini apple strudel dessert.

Colby-jack cheese letters spell out PANDORICA on top of the sandwich. 

It's a strawberry fez. Strawberry fezes are cool.

I love how neatly the lunch fit in this lunch box. The TARDIS tin lunch box is not big, but it is deep, leaving plenty of space for even the large Sistema Cube container. It was Brick's favorite Christmas gift, for sure. I also packed in a vitamin-rich Naked Berry Blast juice for a nice health boost, and there was space under the bottle of juice for an ice pack to keep everything cold.

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  1. LOVE the strawberry fez!!! You're such a good geek mom <3 <3

  2. Thanks! I have more planned for later. Getting the big kid hooked on Firefly and Buffy now. Raising the next generation of geeks up right.


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