Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Tacos Lunch

Leftover DIY tacos for the Dude, packed in a Laptop Lunch box:

I used a large soft flour tortilla and a large circle shaped cookie cutter to make the mini tortillas. One large tortilla made 5 circles, with a small pile of scraps (which can be dusted with cinnamon and sugar and bake for a delicious sweet snack). The Laptop Lunch dishes are microwave safe, so the Dude was able to heat up the meat and beans, which are mixed together in the upper right corner of the box. I also packed in chopped lettuce with shredded cheese, and in the MiniDippers he has salsa and guacamole. A sliced kiwi is tucked into the side spot and I tucked a few dark chocolate covered cranberries in around the MiniDippers.

The Dude said they were great, and when he ran out of tortillas he mixed together the leftover toppings for a little taco salad. Filling and delicious lunch, made of leftovers!

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